Radio WordPress Themes List

Best Radio Station WordPress Themes List 2020

When it comes to be professional in Radio, you must need a stunning website to let listeners find and reach you out. The thing is how to make a perfect and pro level radio station website? I’m here to help you out with this matter.
I’ll show you a list of paid WordPress themes that comes with built in features that every studio, musician, and radio stations need. The themes having bit different options than the normal themes as we must need few extra features into the theme like:

  • Paid Song Request (Get paid on your website and requests of song to play, can also make this free)
  • Podcast (Let users show a list of available podcasts and make free or paid)
  • Charts (Let users find the best songs/folders of your play online there or request to play on radio)
  • Beautifully Embed Video (To let users impress by showing your studios, DJ etc)
  • Promotion Box (To promote your new popular show, DJ or event)
  • Next Week Events (You need this to let users know whats the special show next week with date and time)
  • Schedule ( A complete Schedule box showing all your next week show name with DJs, guest and timing information)
  • Residents/Team ( Showing a list of available Residents / DJs/Team/ Guests with in your team or station)
  • Paid Events (The local paid events held within the best places, paid users join and meetup with station teams)
  • Donate Button (The donate button we need sometimes, the sticky donate button we need within the menu)

These are most important elements we need to have a professional radio station WordPress website. We always go with the WordPress because of simplicity, perfection and easiness. Offcorse the story will be same here as we’ll be sharing the themes having the demo option that will load all demo content into your website and you just need to replace/remove data into it according to your needs and we’re ready to go.

Rare Radio


These 3 themes are offering well documented, same priced, dedicated and free updated for lifetime. I got them perfect to be used for a Radio Station.

Buy Rare Radio
User Rating: 4.85 ( 35 votes)

Tip: If you’re very newbie into WordPress, here is a guide about installing WordPress on different hosting and installing a new plugin.

1. Rare Radio

Download/View | Installation | Purchase
Price – 59$
Rare Radio wordpress radio station theme front screenshot

Rare Radio WordPress theme screenshot

Rare Radio WordPress theme is rated as No. 1 by me as I’ve checked-out a lot of themes and found this one to be on first. The theme has almost all features we need to be into a best and professional radio station WP theme. As you know the theme is available as paid theme available on themeforest.

Rare Radio Theme Pros And Cons:

  • Online radio stream
  • Schedule time table
  • Donate Button
  • Shows & broadcasts management
  • Advanced galleries, sliders & audio players
  • Doesn’t Support AMP
  • Doesn’t Support WPML

Theme has built-in demo importer that helps you a lot. You simply need to install a WordPress theme on your hosting > activate it and go for customization.The theme also offers you few premium features with built-in activation and work with the theme to make customization and look more professional. The theme is fully responsive and have a best dedicated support.

2. Onair2

Download/View | Purchase
Price – 59$
Onair wordpress radio theme front screenshot

Onair wordpress theme screenshot

Onair2 is another awesome and latest professional design theme available for only 59$ with lifetime free updates and 12 months of support. The theme support almost the features you to have a latest radio station website like chart of shows, calendar to show your regular and special events.The best support to WooCommerce plugin to sellout the tickets of your shows and sell the stuff you think you can. The special part is theme support the multi radio cards with playable function, works with page builder using gallery.

Onair2 Theme Pros And Cons:

  • Showcase Schedule
  • Podcast Series
  • Top 10 Charts
  • WPML/.PO Support
  • Responsive Radio Player/Streamer
  • Doesn’t Support AMP

On install the theme ask to get installed few plugins which are must to verify your purchase of theme and have the dashboard of the theme. Both plugins comes in a ZIP file when you download all files from themeforest. Activate both and verify the theme via Envato API key, can be added to the Envato plugin. Till now theme is sold more than 3200 times and got 92% positive reviews with 5 star reviews.

Theme has 1 click demo import function and demo ready sites, view the demo sites and install one of these you like the most. It will download the demo data and get ready everything for you and thing you need to do later is, remove or edit the stuff as per your needs.

3. Vice

Download/View | Purchase
Price – 59$
VICE radio WordPress theme front screenshot

VICE WordPress theme screenshot

The Vice WordPress theme gets number 3 ranked according to my personal ratings. The is offered by QantumThemes first created and launched this theme on 2 February 15. The author is keep updating the theme to beat his competitors. The theme is currently sold around 2.4K licenses on the themeforest and starting price is about 59$. Developer has made a well documented website on the theme and offering support on forum and email.

VICE Theme Pros And Cons:

  • Modular One Page
  • Unique Music Player
  • Podcasts
  • Demo Importer
  • Premium Plugins
  • Doesn’t Support AMP

Every buyer gets free support of 12 months on first purchase + lifetime free updates to the theme. The theme is perfect for radio station owners, music band, DJs and artists. The contains own dashboard which is easy to use and user friendly. The theme has few best features that makes your website more professional like on slider you can add Music Album, DJs profiles with trackslist, shows and social accounts, best event manager and podcast.

At the end the theme support WooCommerce which helps you to sell your show tickets, paid and free stuff plus subscriptions.

These are 3 Paid themes available on themeforest starting with 59$ with 1 year support and lifetime free updates to the theme. All themes are allowed to be used on 1 website/blog. I’ve closely checkout the theme looks, installation, setup, import, activation, bugs and related stuff and found these all paid themes likly to be purchased and used.

If you’re don’t know how to do things, here is a guide to setup WordPress theme on different hosting and you can also ask us to help via comment bellow or Envato developers offers this with 50$ for each install of theme or plugin.

I really hope the stuff i shared has helped you. You can make my day by sharing this post to your social media accounts with hashtags #WordPress #WPCollect

Best Quran WordPress Plugins

Best Quran WordPress Plugins Collection | Radio & Text 2020

WordPress is the largest CMS for websites and covering around 34% worldwide. A large number of Muslims want to offer their users a great experience of listening to the Holy Quran, especially when it’s multilanguage and audio in the original Arabic language. Today, we’re here with the solution (plugins) that will fulfill your needs in a perfect way. Read the complete install and must-use and basic plugins install + setup here.

The following are free WordPress plugins, available on the WordPress plugin directory. I’m very excited to share the list with you!

All plugins, except first, may show you the error that the version of the plugin isn’t tested with your WordPress version. To avoid further version issues into your WordPress site, simply install the test WP site, test the plugin if works install on the main site, remember to save the backup first. Let your users feel the Quran of Allah.

Best Quran Translation, Recite and Radio WordPress Plugins 2019

1. Quran multilanguage Text & Audio
2. Holy Quran random verse Multilanguage
3. Quran Radio
4. Internet Quran Radio


We've listed 4 best and popular officially approved plugins on WordPress that will work for your website like a charm. Listed plugins are all free and at the moment working perfectly. All the mentioned plugins are personally tested.

User Rating: 4.79 ( 37 votes)

Tip: If you get errors while installing the plugins, read this guide to solve common issues (remember to take a backup first).

1. Quran multilanguage Text & Audio

Download/View | Demo | Compare | Setup Guide
Quran multilanguage Text & Audio WordPress plugin

Quran multilanguage Text & Audio WP plugin

The plugin is fully free to be used on any WordPress based website. The plugin has around 29 languages for the translation of the Verses/Quran. You can select the language you want to read the translation in and it will reload and show your text translation. The Audio Version of the Quran comes in the best 32 Sheikhs.

Setting up the Quran using this plugin is very simple by using the shortcode [quran]. We personally installed the plugin and it worked really great. The best part was the audio files (mp3 source) is loaded from the author’s websites, so no need to worry about the storage and bandwidth on your hosting servers.

The Plugin has 5 frames that can be used in the post where it will load the Quran data. You’ll get an option to choose default Sheikh voice (Arabic), a text used in languages and other select boxes, some color selection, and custom CSS options. The plugin can be used in posts or widgets and contains an admin area.

2. Holy Quran random verse Multilanguage

Download/View | Demo | Compare | Setup Guide
Holy Quran random verse Multilanguage wordpress plugin

Holy Quran random verse Multilanguage WP plugin

This plugin is also from the same author above and is a widget actually but having an extra feature which is called random. It will play random Surah from the available. The plugin doesn’t have an admin area, it can only be found in the widget list at Appearance > widgets Quran random verse: Random Quran Verse.

You’ll get many customizations over there in the widget like choosing default audio of Sheikh to recite the verse in Arabic also choose the default translation language from available 5 reciters and 24 translation languages. The audio files are loaded from the author source and aren’t locally downloaded to your hosting server.

When the plugin is installed, it will show you Surah | Ayat | Translation. It will only load 1 Ayah at a reload. Like if there is a visitor on your website he can see 1 Ayah translated or audio to listen to more, he must reload the page. After a reload or visiting the 2nd page it will load random Ayah not keep showing the next Ayah of the old loaded page.

The plugin hasn’t an option to be used in the post. It can only be used into sidebars, headers or footers. To read step by step installation, common error’s solution and setup click here.

3. Quran Radio

Download/View | Demo | Compare | Setup Guide
Quran Radio WordPress plugin

Quran Radio WordPress plugin

This plugin is basically a widget but also can be used in posts/pages using their shortcode [1]. The plugin contains an admin area having a lot of customization options like choosing default translation language, the text shown as the title of the widget, default players (HTML 5 and Jplayer), icons (Android, Facebook, Source, Download, etc).

The main difference in this plugin is that it will translate the Surah into audio files, not into text like when a Verse is being played before the next system will auto add translation in the selected language then it will auto move to the next verse in Arabic. It has a stock of 40 verses in their server works 24/7.

The widget doesn’t allow user to choose the language of the translation. To read more and step by step guide on install and usage, visit here.

4. Internet Quran Radio

Download/View | Demo | Compare | Setup Guide
Internet Radio Quran WordPress Plugin

Internet Radio Quran WordPress Plugin

The plugin helps you to have Quranic recite on your website. The plugin is less featured than the above 3 plugins. It contains around 124 radios LIVE audio streaming in 13 translated

With this plugin, you’ll have some customization options like choose radio (many reciters in Arabic and 13 with Arabic + translation), Radio title, player height, and autoplay. The plugin only supports HTML 5 player.

The player used in the plugin has a pause button to pause the current being played Quranic Ayat. The best part with this plugin is if you’re staying on the page it will start downloading the old part of the Surah till the live so you will get working forward-back buttons till the LIVE.

The streams aren’t hosted locally on your server. The plugin used the shortcode R[*], so it can be used in pages and posts including widgets.

These are few freely available plugins that can be found in your WordPress plugin directory (hosted or not hosted).


Quran multilanguage Text & AudioHoly Quran random verse MultilanguageQuran RadioInternet Quran Radio
Audio ☑
Translation ☑
Radio ✘
Random ✘
Reciters 325
Translation Languages 29244013
Autoplay ☑
Widget ☑
Pages/Posts shortcode ☑
Third-party source ☑
Admin Area ☑
Custom CSS ☑

These plugins can be installed via offline WordPress using the Xampp server. Installation is basic, If you’re installing from wp plugins directory just click on install and activate if downloading the plugin, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Select File > Install Now > Activate or read guide.

I hope these plugins will help you setting up your site perfectly. If you liked my work, share it with your friends. Thanks 😉