Easiest Way to Install WordPress Free/Paid Plugins (Step by Step)

WordPress plugins are used in a WordPress CMS based website. There is every type of free and paid plugins available into the WordPress directory and other premium market places like ThemeForest. WordPress is a globally used website’s CMS (content management system) and covering around 34% of the whole internet.

We’ll learn how to install paid and free plugins in the easiest ways.

There 2 types of plugins installation.

  1. Free Plugins (available in WP plugin directory)
  2. Paid/Downloadable/Self-made/Custom Plugins (Marketplaces, out of WordPress)

WordPress plugin install has 2 options of installing a plugin, let’s see which and how easy they are.

1. Installing a Plugin from the WordPress directory.

WordPress plugins directory itself contains thousands of paid and free plugins that are tested and approved to be used on websites. Let’s install a plugin using WordPress itself.

1. Go to Plugins and Click on Add New

WordPress plugin install: add new plugin

Adding New plugin WordPress

2. It has now opened the WordPress plugins directory. Now use trendy plugins or search for any plugin. We’ll search and Install it.

WordPress plugins directory browsing and installation

WordPress plugins directory browsing

3. Clicking on Install will take few moments to download, unzip and install the plugin with your web hosting server. As install is complete it will now ask to activate. Remember, any installed plugin will not function until it is activated for the first time. 1 clicking on Activate and 2 is the next page screenshot. Let’s activate it by clicking on the Install button.

Activation of WordPress plugin

Activating WordPress plugin

4. After activation, most of the plugins start working instantly I mean they don’t need permission anymore but some plugins have an admin area and you must need to enable the first and setup few options they offer.

This was the installation in the most commonly used. Here is the second way we’ll try now.

2. Installing a Download/Zip Plugin via Upload

  1. To install a locally downloaded zip filed plugin to your WordPress site, we must follow step 1 as go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. The difference between both installations is here that in this one we’ll go for Upload Plugin available button at the top center-left side. I have used one of my paid plugins from codecanyon.
Uploading locally download zip file WordPress plugin

Upload Zip file WordPress plugin

3. On the next page, we’ll get a message:

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: filename-wordpress-plugin-wordpress-plugin.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Plugin installed successfully.

Activate Plugin Return to Plugin Installer

4. We now need to click on Activate Plugin and we’re ready to go.

Tip: sometimes it shows error while you click on activate plugin, but it actually install it mostly. Go to dashboard > Plugins and see it should be installed, if not read our FAQ’s bellow on this topic.

So, these were 2 ways of installing a WordPress plugin available in WordPress itself, paid, custom made, edited, or any type of offline WordPress plugin.

Sometimes users get errors while installing plugins, we have dedicated a page to these common and critical issues. If you also got errors while installing these plugins, go to WordPress plugins errors and solutions page and get rid over it.

If you want some paid plugins which work everything for you here is a perfect guide on best-paid plugins sites.

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