Quran Radio WordPress Plugin Installation & Setup Guide

This is the first Quran Radio WordPress plugin available in more than 40 languages. The plugin is made by an organization named EDC Team (E-Da`wah Committee). The plugin was developed and last updated in 2018 and supports around 3.0 versions and I’m currently gonna test it on WordPress 5.2.3.

I liked the plugin as its an audio streaming of radio station which only keeps playing the Quran with translations. There will be a player available that will work on post/widget. The plugin contains the shortcode radio[*] which works perfectly anywhere within the site. The shortcode can be found, when you’ll save the settings of the plugin from the plugin admin area.

The plugin contains many options like 40 languages in total more than 120 stations, selection of players like Jplayer or HTML5 player + hide the player and play it in background. The plugin has also many more options.

Quran Radio WordPress Plugin Key features:

  • Arabic Quran translated in 40 languages
  • Autostart
  • Show icons: Source Icon,PDF Book Icon,Podcast Icon,Download Icon,MediaPlayer Icon,QuickTime Icon,Realplayer Icon,Winamp Icon,Tunein Icon,Soundcloud Icon,Twitter Icon,Facebook Icon
  • Title, language, reciters, text colors and audio on/off controls
  • 40 mixed voices
  • 5-star reviews
  • Shortcode radio[*]
  • Demo Page available

You can learn how to install a plugin on WordPress.

Let’s start the plugin installation and step by step setup on widgets and post/pages.

Download/View | Demo

1. Installation of the Quran Radio plugin:

You can read guide on plugin installation and then download the plugin here.

2. Selection of languages:

There are around 122 options in the language select box. There are 40 with translation and other all with only Quran. You can select the one you want to be.

Selecting Quran Radio WordPress plugin default languages

Quran Radio Languages Selectbox

3. Widget/Post Title (Auto Loaded)

The title there in the admin area of the plugin contains the textbox for the title of the widget to be shown where to shortcode is embed. Leaving it empty will load the data without a title, otherwise, it will show the language title but isn’t gonna leave it as empty.

selecting the title in Quran Radio WP plugin

Quran Radio Title Preview

4. Player Options:

The plugin contains 2 types of plugin one Jplayer and second which is commonly used in Youtube also, the HTML5 player. You can choose any of these you like.

Selecting a default player in Quran Radio WP Plugin

Quran Radio WP Plugin default player selection

5. Autostart of player setup:

Next, you can see an autostart checkbox which can show a player and options like pause, volume and but unchecking the option i mean making it disable will make this all invisible and keep it playing in the background.

Auto start playing Quran in Quran Radio WP plugin

Auto start playing Quran in Quran Radio WP plugin

6. Multiple Icon options:

There are around 13 icon options into the plugin option, separately described bellow:

Quran Radio WordPress plugin icon features and preview

Quran Radio WP plugin icon options

  • Source Icon – The chain icon, clicking upon will download it.
  • PDF Book Icon – It will start the download of the part in PDF format.
  • Podcast Icon – It will let you get to the Apple Podcasts.
  • Download Icon – Quick start the download.
  • MediaPlayer Icon – It will start playing it into a mediaplayer.
  • QuickTime Icon – It will redirect you to the Apple’s QuickTime.
  • Realplayer Icon – Its good for realplayer supported devices.
  • Winamp Icon – It will open it into a VLC media player in pls format.
  • Tunein Icon – Its gonna redirect you to tunein website to play it.
  • Soundcloud Icon – It will open their Soundcloud webpage.
  • Twitter Icon – It will open their official Twitter account.
  • Facebook Icon – It will open their official Facebook account.

7. Checking hidden player:

The option should hide the controls and every show data of the plugin from the post/page/widget and keep playing the selected radio station.

8. Using the plugin into posts/pages and widgets:

There are 2 options we have now, 1 using in posts/pages using the shortcode and 2 using into a widget. Let’s do it into posts/pages first via shortcode.

1. Inserting to post/page using the shortcode:

You can’t see shortcode on the first/fresh install of the plugin, you must need to setup all options above and click on save/Update Options button and after this, it will show you the plugin preview including the shortcode at the right side. Take that code, insert into the post and preview it. It will work.

using Quran Radion wp plugin shortcode into post

Quran Radio wp plugin shortcode in a post

2. Setting up the plugin with widgets:

Using the plugin via widgets into WordPress is as easy as all are. Go to Appearance > Widgets > Quran Radio > Add to the place you want it > save and its done:

Quran Radio wp plugin setup into widgets

Quran Radio Plugin settings into WP widgets

The plugin is ready and awesome for the websites to have the content like articles on how to offer prayers, Hajj Hmrah and related tips. But the owner knows their users better. Today when i am creating this post, the plugin was updated at the start of 2019 and having 200+ active installs with 5 star reviews. Currently, the plugin is working fine even WordPress is showing a notice that Untested with your version of WordPress which is 5.2.3 .

Hope my effort helped you and you found you tried finding out. If it did, make my day by sharing my post with hashtags on your social media account and it will really help me. Thanks 🙂