Holy Quran random verse Multilanguage WP Plugin Installation & Setup Guide

WordPress based Holy Quran random verse Multilanguage plugin and developed by Bahmed Karim is 2nd plugin in the WP plugin directory. The special thing in the plugin is having random options like web owners wanna share it with every single visitor on their website. The plugin is mostly dedicated to widgets, which means it can be used in widgets only and hasn’t any shortcode that can be used in posts/pages.

Currently, the plugin has around 100+ active installs, developed in 2018 and works with higher than 3.0.1 versions of WordPress. Although the author hasn’t updated the plugin since 2018, but still with my current WordPress version 5.2.3 its working fine.

Holy Quran random verse Multilanguage Key Features:

  • Arabic Quran translated into 24 languages
  • Title, language, reciters, text colors and audio on/off controls
  • 5 Sheikhs Voices
  • Widget supported only
  • 5-star reviews
  • Shortcode []
  • Demo Page available

Let’s get started with this plugin install and proper setup. You must install this plugin to your WordPress website, here is a guide on installing WordPress plugin.

Download/View | Demo

After a success install > activate it and now let’s set it up.

1. Adding Widget:

Go to appearance > Widgets > at the left navigation you can see a list of available widgets find random Quran verse and click on it and add to the correct area where you want it to be.

Quran Random Verse WordPress Plugin Widget Setup

Quran Random Verse WP Plugin

2. Customize Options and Save:

Now you’ll see a box with few options like language, reciter, text color and auto audio on and off. Set them as you want and click on save.

customizing widget options

customizing widget options

3. Verifying the correct setup:

Now visit any page of your website and find the data where you saved it, as I used it to footer. Now you can see Arabic text is showing (on ever reloading it will keep changing randomly) and auto audio was paused as I disabled it. See it will look like this.

Holy Quran random verse Multilanguage WP Plugin preview

Holy Quran random verse Multilanguage WP Plugin preview

There we go. I just finished the setup. If you want to rearrange the plugin, it is very simple to go to Widgets and drag the widget to any place you want it to be.

The plugin is really helpful especially when you want it to see every visitor and new thing on each visit. I hope you liked my effort if yes, please share the post with your friends and stay blessed. Thanks