Internet Quran Radio WordPress Plugin Installation & Setup Guide

The second Radio WordPress plugin Internet Quran Radio has 100+ active installs and last updated in early 2018 at the moment when I’m creating this post. Like the other plugins this one also contains and admin area where you can customize the options and having around 120 Live radio stations working 24/7.

The specialty of the plugin is it can be used into menu by using their shortcode and also can be embed into posts and pages. In the plugin’s radio stations select list, it has 124 options including the translation ones and without translation in different voices.The plugin has a fixed player type with volume controls but the height of the plugin can be customized into the admin area.

The plugin has also the option to play the radio automatically and can edit the title of the widget as well. It has different shortcodes for menu’s and for post/pages. You can also find out another similar but better plugin called “Quran Radio“.

This is the first Quran Radio plugin available into more than 40 languages. The plugin is made by an organization named EDC Team (E-Da`wah Committee). The plugin was developed and last updated in 2018 and supports around 3.0 versions and I’m currently gonna test it on WordPress 5.2.3.

I liked the plugin as its an audio streaming of radio station which only keeps playing the Quran with translations. There will be a player available which will work on post/widget. The plugin contains the short code radio[*] which works perfect anywhere within the site. The shortcode can be found, when you’ll save the settings of the plugin from the plugin admin area.

The plugin contains many options like 40 language in total more than 120 stations, selection of players like Jplayer or HTML5 player + hide the player and play it in background. The plugin has also many more options.

Quran Radio WordPress Plugin Key features:

  • Arabic Quran translated in 40 languages in total 124 voices
  • Autostart
  • HTML5 Player
  • Shortcode support menu + posts/widgets
  • 24/7 online radio

You can learn how to install a plugin on WordPress.

Let’s start the plugin installation and step by step setup on widgets and post/pages.

Download/View | Demo

1. Internet Quran Radio Installation & Activation:

The plugin is installed and activated in the same way we always use with WordPress hosted and non hosted websites. Here is a complete guide, ready and activate it. You may get error while installing, this post will help you to struggle these problems.

Internet Quran Radio WordPress plugin install and activate

Internet Quran Radio WP Install + Activate

2. Selection Of Default Radio Station:

You need to go to the admin area of the plugin which is located at the end of the WordPress navigation menu and click on it. After this you will see the select box with 1 already selected radio station, click on it > find the correct one and save it. The plugin contains 124 radio stations at all with some translation options.

default radio selection Internet Quran Radio WordPress Plugin

default radio selection Internet Quran Radio WordPress Plugin

3. Player Options:

About the size, the plugin has an option to customize the height of the plugin, default is 20 which is pretty good but you can also change it which depends on your demand.

Player Options, size adjusting Internet Quran Radio WordPress Plugin

Player Options, size adjusting Internet Quran Radio WP Plugin

4. Title Settings:

The title option is same you see with every WordPress plugin and edit it as you want or leaving it as it is will show the Radio Title (the selected radio). Another option related to the title is that you can see a check box “hide title” which will hide the title of the widget and will show only the player.

Internet Quran Radio WordPress Plugin Title settings and preview

Internet Quran Radio WordPress Plugin Title settings

5. AutoPlay Configuration:

The autoplay option helps you when you want the Quran to be played automatically. The user also can findout the place of the plugin and and pause/play and control the volume.

Internet Quran Radio WordPress Plugin Autoplay settings

Internet Quran Radio WP Plugin Autoplay settings

6. Shortcode Find & Use:

The shortcode is a must thing that is used in many causes.This plugin also offers us the use of shortcode. When you’ll save the first setting it will show you the separate shortcodes for menu and widgets as shown in the screenshot bellow:

Internet Quran Radio WordPress Plugin shortcode finding

Internet Quran Radio WordPress Plugin Shortcode finding


The plugin is easy to customize but having bit limited options and features than this one. I personally don’t recommend this one to use but in cause you like this one, above I’ve shown you all features that this plugin contains.

I really hope my effort to this plugin will help you. You can make my day by sharing this post to your social media accounts. THANKS 🙂